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As I see the V2 beta was released on 12/3/2022 and the boxed version is scheduled to release on March 17-18, 2022. I have V1 license, please guide me how can I get the latest V2 installation. Thanks.

Hello. The question is as follows. Suppose I make a frontend in the code and insert it into V.2.0. A very exciting question remains. Will I be able to link a self-written frontend (the entire application is completely in html) with your backend that you provide as part of the constructor?

Hello. Please tell me, will there be an opportunity on v.2.0 to make an application for multiple roles? For example, an application for apartment renovation. 1 role - the measurer (made the estimate, saved) 2 role - the foreman saw the estimate, put it into operation) 3 role - the administrator (controls the work of the measurer
and the foreman)

Hi sir @Ruslan in SAAS, can user using the platform can change the own package name to his custom one? or cannot and must use default domain name of the SAAS platform link


Есть ли сейчас возможность в конструкторе создать вкладку, в которой будет открываться веб-страница по ссылке?