AIRDROP 💰 NWCOIN: New Way to Earn $NWC

AIRDROP :fire:

The airdrop campaign will begin on June 7, 2022 and will last 3 months.**.

Total value: 100,000 $NWC (more than $50,000)

We need your help to make Nwicode even better.

Create instructional videos or examples of creating applications in Nwicode. Offer your training courses, write an article in a blog or on a forum. Invite designers and all No Code lovers to try Nwicode


  1. YouTube Videos = $NWC 120
  2. Blog article = $NWC 80
  3. Post in social networks = $NWC 10


  • Send a link to your work in the comments of this topic
  • Add your wallet address to the Metamask

After verification, we will transfer the $NWC to your account :moneybag: :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

Good luck! :dizzy:

Website Nwcoin

Hi! I participated in giveaways and contests a few months ago, when the platform was still there with login to access, today I no longer find the possibility to login in order to use my $ NWC that I had accumulated, can you help me? Thank you.

For those who received the coin as a reward, the opportunity to withdraw it is now frozen. We will notify all holders of the coin about the possibility of withdrawal to your wallet

Ok thanks! Where we will be notify?

There will be a mailing to all holders of the coin and publication in our telegram channel