AIRDROP 💰 NWCOIN. Win 115,000 $NWC (more than $50,000)

AIRDROP :fire:

The airdrop campaign will begin on January 18, 2022 and will finish on February 15, 2022.

Total value: 115,000 $NWC (more than $50,000)


- Only for real social media accounts. The completion of tasks will be checked.

  • The participants are not required to complete all tasks in order to win a prize, but each additional task increases their chances.
  • Winners will be pulicated on our Telegram and Twitter.
  • Nwcoin reserves the right to close the giveaway at any time.


- Each of the top 3 referrals will receive 10,000 $NWC ($5000)

  • Each of the top 5 participants will receive 5,000 $NWC ($2500)
  • Each of the top 50 participants will receive 1,000 $NWC ($500)
Also, we will randomly choose 100 other winners from the participants who complete all the tasks and send them 100 $NWC.

1) Join: Telegram
2) Post a Proof of authentification in this thread:


#Proof of authentification
Telegram Username:

3) Fill the form and register
4) Complete tasks to earn points

Good luck! :dizzy:


Is this a proof already? Screenshot of my Telegram Account?


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#Доказательство аутентификации
Telegram User Name: @pablitto71

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Here’s mine. I did all tasks except the 7+ task. I went and posted on all platforms but it still says not achieved…

what exactly has not been achieved?

I went to all 8 and posted the copied link.

“I found a free distribution of a new crypto coin”

#Proof of authentification
Telegram Username: @SeekerOfWealth

#Proof of authentification
Telegram Username: @Cokoj

everything is fine, some pages allow you to perform the task again after a certain time

#Proof of authentification
Telegram Username: @SimoneVedovani

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#Proof of authentification
Telegram Username: Zufar Marwah

Do you think we will ever see NWC token exchange rates on the web in a similar capacity as Bitcoin?

Pairs are already available: NWC/BNB and NWC/USDT

On https://pancakeswap .finance/liquidity you can add the liquidity of any NWC/BTC pair, etc

I’ve been keeping up with the points and just today the most points anyone has had went from 500 to have 3 people having over 1000. I’m not saying anyone is doing something shady but that looks really shady.

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Yes i was shocked too. Who are these people?

People probably running spam code for people t o click their link and register. Unfortunately a simple script would do this so they get +7 over and over again…

It turns out coincidentally the top 5 people were not there yesterday…

Exactly. Unless the top 5 people are super influencer/ some big guys

It also just so happens that the top 5 prizes and it all happened at the same exact time…thats no coincidence.

The winners will be checked manually, we see spam and not legitimate cheating