APK generator in V2

I guess the new version will have an AAB generator, but what about the APK? APK is very useful for installing the application on a mobile phone and presenting it to the customer … This has an invaluable effect on the customers :slightly_smiling_face: … Is PWA an option?

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I’m also interested in apk, aab and pwa application

You all know that Google has canceled the use of apk files for uploading to the store. We will consider the possibility of generating this file if the developers do not remove it from android studio at all (build tools)

At the moment we have planned support for: IOS, Android, PWA

It will be possible to automatically send your application to stores, receive files to your email, or download the source code for Xcode and Gradle

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I understand… and looking forward to PWA :slightly_smiling_face: