Be able to integrate with applications such as, buble and

The world is changing rapidly just like technology.
Currently there is a huge growth in non-code technology, many people are joining this phenomenon.
Now anyone can build mobile applications as web applications without writing a line of code and I think it will be the future for many. Many of us have ideas to develop but our limitation is not knowing how to program, but that should not be an impediment to create our ideas, and I believe that Nwicode is on the right track.
Any user can build powerful back-end without writing a line of code.
In my opinion nwicode should consider being able to connect to platforms like XANO, BUbble, back4app.
These platforms would function as a back-end and Nwicode as a front-end. With that option we could build functions or characteristics much faster. So we wouldn’t depend on programmers to build our own functions.