Database for the application

Hello everyone. Please tell us who has already studied the internal database for applications, or possible integrations with third-party platforms where databases can be created. Please share the information. There is also a special question, is it possible to link html code (+css+javascript) with some kind of database? Perhaps someone is able to answer it. Thanks for attention.


What exactly are you trying to accomplish with this?
I do know there are places to add html, css, and js. But that is for each app and not for the whole platform.

Thank you for your attention friend. I’m trying to be able to create applications where frontend is html+css+javascript (using the nwicode function to insert code) + a third-party database associated with frontend in order for everything that was written in html + css + javascript to work. You can’t make it work, store and transfer data from html directly to nwicode.

I believe you can do exactly what you want from inside the platform.

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please tell me how this is possible? With what tools?