Earn BNB by Liking: Nwcoin on Redwaif

Discover the social media for crypto. Sign up RedWaif’s platform, follow Nwcoin account and start thumbing up :+1: to get profit regularly.

Join a super-easy airdrop that allows you to earn BNB every day. Enjoy getting fast money without reports and spreadsheets. Get the rewards, convertible to Binance Coin, for every single action. To start, sign up RedWaif and follow the Nwcoin exchange profile. Everything works like on Twitter. If you still don’t understand what to do. Find a step-by-step guide below.


How to earn BNB?

Follow the simple steps below to start earning BNB (Binance Coins) each day.

  1. Register Redwaif social platform.
  2. Open Tokpie’s profile and press “Follow” (screenshot below).
  3. Then scroll down the timeline here and start liking, commenting, and reacting on every post, like on Twitter.
  4. Immediately after each action, you see your growing points on the balance page.
  5. Withdraw the Waifer’s earnings and convert them to BNB.

What’s the reward size?

Every single action that you perform gives money. Look at the table below to understand the reward size.

Action Points
Like one post 2
Comment one post 5
Invite a friend 10


The more posts you Like and comment the higher the reward.

How to cash out?

So, you earn WAIFER tokens (highly liquid on Pancake) for each like, post, comment, and referring.

You can make an exchange for any coin, including $NWC :moneybag: