How to earn and spend

How can I earn Nwcoin and what can I buy from it

$NWC is developed on the basis of a mobile application development platform that unites developers and digital agencies and allows them to buy and sell their applications, design elements and their own services. This gives $NWC a real practical benefit in the NWICODE ecosystem.

How can I Earn Nwcoin

You can earn NWC with the help of referral programs on our NWICODE CMS services, share links in articles, blogs, and forums.

The referral program is available in the cabinets on our websites:

  • Nwicode CMS registration here

  • Nwcode Cloud registration here

  • NWCOIN Website

Spend Nwcoin

You can buy our products and services in our marketplace on the Nwicode CMS service

balance will depend on the exchange rate? like bitcoin? today, for example, $ 100 on the balance sheet, and tomorrow, for example, 200 or 50

The balance is your amount in the wallet and it does not depend on the exchange rate. The coin, after going public, will of course depend on many factors. Availability of coins in circulation, purchase/sale, etc.

As a measure to stimulate the growth of the token exchange rate, every
month a token repurchase (PayBack) will be made at the market price for an
amount equal to 10% of the company’s profit received for the previous month.
All tokens redeemed as part of the repurchase will be destroyed.
At the beginning of each month, the amount of profit for the previous month
and the amount of redeemable tokens for the current month will be
announced. After that, a smooth purchase of tokens from the market will take
place within a month. If there is an insufficient supply of tokens on the market,
the amount of the current month’s repurchase will be transferred to the next
and summed up with the amount of the next month’s repurchase.

Therefore, it is advantageous to buy now at a pre-sale at a low cost.

I put 2500 coins into the GOLD membership mid January when it opened up. It required me to keep them in there for 30 days which ended yesterday to get 5%. It has started a new cyclr and I do not see a chnage in coin count. Is this normal?

Take a close look at your balance, bonus coins should be credited


The 2500 is the coins I put into membership, the 1,000 is the coins recently won. If the 2500 coins gained 5% interest where would I see that at?

We are checking this problem, do not worry, your bonuses will not be lost