Introduce yourself!

Hi Nwicode!

We’d love to break the ice a little bit and have everyone get to know one another. Feel free to introduce yourself!

  • Who are you and where are you from?
  • What does your company do? (Feel free to show off a link or photos! We’re all makers here.)
  • What’s one fun fact about you not related to your business?
  • What’s one thing you hope to get out of being here?

I guess I’ll start it off:

I’m Ruslan, and I’m working on App Creator in Nwicode. I live here in Moscow, Russia. Before founding Nwicode, I ran two small online software development companies and a small restaurant. I sold both of these businesses.

Interesting fact about me: I really love football. My favorite teams are Zenit, Barcelona and Manchester United.

My job is to help other entrepreneurs, but for the last 10 years it has been my hobby. I am most happy when I help people. If you have difficult questions about your business, do not hesitate to ask me - I will always help where I can. (tHis is a good point to point out that I am a programmer, but not a lawyer or accountant, so sometimes I will have to advise you to talk to a professional.)


Hi Nwicoders :smiley:

I’m original from Zimbabwe but have been living in Pretoria South Africa for the last 5 years. I founded my business iMarttrends last year in April just about the time the COVID-19 lockdowns started. Previously l had run an e-commerce store successfully for 2 years and later closed down as the business started suffering losses. During the time l was running the e-commerce l gathered some web-designing skills, so now when the COVID-19 locked kicked in l found myself locked in the house with very little to do and bills pilling up.

l guess that was my defining moment when l took what l had which was the computer in my garage and started building my site to start advertising for web designing jobs. The first client referred another and that one too referred another and there the journey began. Fast forward to today iMarttrends is growing fast every day and managed to hire professional developers to join me, we are now a team of four and growing strong. With the help of the Nwicode V2 l’m sure we will be able to do more and deliver much faster. We are working on achieving our African Dream. :grin: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I am glad to see you in our team :clap:


Hi Nwicode!

Hello, my name is Angel Miguel Mena, I am from Honduras, Central America.
I am a civil engineer by profession, Professor at the Autonomous University of Honduras, department of mathematics.
I have 12 years of experience in the area of ​​construction, design and supervision of bridges and roads.
I am currently the co-founder of a private security company with 30 employees, I am a technology lover.
And he’s also founding a tech company thanks to Nwicode.
We are currently in Honduras and Argentina building applications, thanks to Nwicode technology.
I have put my professional career aside to bet 100% on this business. I think that at least in our region there is enormous potential for growth. There is a lot of work ahead. We are already a team of 6 people directly and we have created a great team that we call apper. They are the essence of what we are building.
We faithfully believe in the Nwicode team, we trust them since they released the first version and we will continue with them until the end. Thanks Nwicode, for doing a great project.
Thank you Nwicode for considering our opinions on this great project.
We wish them every success.


Hello Team! I am Reginn Palacio, I am from the Philippines and currently working here in Bahrain (Middle East) as GM for one of the best coffee brands, Lavazza! I have also co-founded a vending business in the Philippines and it is currently on its growth stage. Major clients are BPOs (Business Process Outsourcing), they usually provide free coffee to staff and visitors so our vending machines on these places work 24/7.

I am not a programmer but I can analyze processes and have quite a feel of the market. Having been running a business for quite sometime now and being a consultant also of our vending business in the Philippines helped me a lot in being exposed to different industries. My line of thinking is always how to streamline processes and try to achieve an end goal at the least possible steps.

I have been with nWicode since day zero :grinning: My instinct led me to believe in the vision of the nWicode team, and I am happy I did!

I have paused Apps creation for now so that there will be less migration later on. I am only maintaining few apps now until the release of nWicode V2!

I like photography, videography, travel and would love to have coffee with all nWicode partners in Russia sometime in the future! It will be an honor to sit down with the brains of this wonderful and exciting program/platform.



Hi to everyone!

My name is Anita and I’m from Croatia, Europe. I’m a fashion designer and work in the industry for 15 years. Three years ago I start to create apps as a hobby and I must say it has become my passion. I infected my husband with app development and he has become my partner for the last 6 months. We have published more than 40 apps till now and we don’t intend to stop.

Our plan is to wait (and help as much we can) for Nwicode V2 and then open an app agency and completely dedicated to app development and be a part of the growing app community.
Like most of you here (I hope so), I also believe that there is lots of space in the mobile app market and thanks to the Nwicodes team we all can become a part of future app development progress.

I wish you all productive and constructive communication that will be beneficial to all of us! :grinning:


Привет всем!!! потом продолжу( отредактирую)

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Hi All,

My name is Pratik i am from India, currently in United States from 9 years. I am a software engineer have around 15 year of experience in backend software development in financial company. I am hustling to start my own business on the side. I am beginner in to frontend web and mobile development , i hope this will help bootstrap my product, i can be 100% in dedicate to myself to new business.


Hi, my name is Marko D. Knudsen and I belong to the Roma/Gypsy Community.
I am, a real European mix, Roma, German, Danish, Tschechoslowakian, Romanian and Polish.
I am working as a Social Worker in Hamburg Germany with kids and teachers on Roma inclusion.
I am the creator of the Term Antiziganism, it describes the hate towards Roma, like the Antisemitism is explaining the hate towards Jews.
I have an Education NGO ( and make a lot of stuff against Racism and Discrimination.
I am making websites since 1993 like RomNews Network.
I wrote a book on the History of Roma
Made a Movie
Made an Exhibition on Roma History and Antiziganism
in VR…
Here I am looking for Support for the Next Projects.
For example the creation and proclaming of the First Digital Nation, the Roma Nation…
On we have more than 700+ videos.
Clever in 100 seconds:

All the best


Okay! Hi yall! I’m Natasha from Tacoma, wa (USA). I am legit not a programmer or anything related. I work in insurance. However I found this pretty awesome Kickstarter and thought, I had $ to toss at it! There has been a few times a app would have been awesome for games I play or guilds I have ran. I have limited coding experience, so I thought this was a good thing to invest in. I have friends that write programs. So if you have a technical issue, I won’t help much but I know about car insurance wink
Good news is I do video game testing so I would be happy to mess things up and let someone know from a “ I know nothing about this code, help this button doesn’t work “ stand point!

Fun fact- i tried out of cheerleading in highschool with a pizza slice costume. I had pepperoni as my feet and hands. I did the bring it on cheer! Sad note: I didn’t make it because I feel really hard. My head was the crust of the pizza slice and I miss judged the landing and how big my head was.

Happy to be here and thanks for the opportunity to kick it with you all and see the inside scoop! Now if you ever want tips on selling insurance to a little old lady, I’m your girl! I’m excited to mess with stuff and find out what I get to create!


Hi Natasha,

Thank you for being with us and welcome aboard! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! I’ll do my best to keep up! :muscle:

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My name is Alexander, I am from Russia, I live in the city of Zelenograd. The name of the city literally translates as “Green City”, and it’s true - there are a lot of parks and trees in our city. I like living here.

I work at NWICODE as a Seniour Engineer, Web Developer. For over 20 years I have been working in various fields of IT and programming.

A long time ago, when I was in elementary school, my parents gave me my first computer. It was the ZX-Spectrum, where it was known as Sinclair. The computer did not have its own monitor and was connected to a regular TV. When I turned it on for the first time, it seemed to me that it was real magic. From that moment on, I already knew exactly what my life would be connected with. And the book “Introduction to Basic language” became my favorite at that time.

For all the time I had many different hobbies - motorsport, sports betting, strikeball, poker, reading, I collected vinyl records. During his studies, i played for the school football team as a goalkeeper. But now I devote almost all my free time to my family and my own self-development.

Friends, I am glad to meet you on this forum. Now that we have thrown all our efforts on a new platform, and it is very important for us to know your opinion. I’m sure this will help make the product even better.


Всем привет! Меня зовут Павел, город Тула, город пряников, самоваров и оружия. Большая часть моего профессионального опыта составляет сфера продаж. Я привык помогать людям найти то что им действительно нужно.
Интересный факт обо мне: Я интроверт… Но я смог пересилить себя и стать хорошим продажником. Всегда мечтал стать бизнесменом и в последствии понял, что хороший продажник и переговорщик это уже часть дела. Долго искал интересную нишу и вот наконец-то я наткнулся на сферу разработки мобильных приложений. Я не имел опыта в разработке веб решений, кроме создания двух сайтов на конструкторе WIX, согласитесь, опыт так себе :smile: . Но я открыт ко всему новому а главное сложному! Ведь уверен, что сложное всегда интереснее :wink: . Изначально я начал работать с платформой Appsfera, я закинул туда 5.000 р. ~ 67 $ и взялся создавать приложение на заказ, но потом случилось чудо и я наткнулся на сайт NWICODE! Будто сам бог послал мне сигнал. Уже имеющийся функционал был мощнее чем в Appsfera и я принял решение потерять 67 $ и обрести новую возможность строить мобильные приложения, помогать людям улучшать свой бизнес в сети, строить собственный бизнес и ни от кого не зависеть. Отдельное спасибо Руслану за четкие формулировки и помощь на старте! Спасибо и службе поддержки за терпение! И мы все очень ждем NWICODE V 2.0! Спасибо за возможность строить, помогать и зарабатывать!


Hello everyone, my name is Dmitry, I am from Donetsk, I have been doing web development for 5 years. recently decided to deal with applications on the phone, this is the future, as well as development without code. I plan to find a powerful community here to exchange knowledge and experience. I play basketball professionally, movement is life :wink:
the same took many courses on advertising from great specialists. I will be glad to help you in any way I can


Hello everybody. My name is Yaroslav. I doing IT so long time and couple years ago I meet Ruslan (very strong and perfect person). I create my first nwi system 6 years ago. I helping to NWI team so many times and they helping me doing business! Thanks NWI.
Apps Global.

We are glad to see you in our community :fist:

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