Launching Nwicode V2 (announcement)

The official launch date of the Nwicode V2 platform will take place on February 7.
Release schedule of boxed versions:

  1. Sass - February 10-12
  2. Studio - February 15-18

At the moment, almost all the work has been completed. We have provided access for 3 testers

List of remaining tasks for 2 weeks:

  • Finish the development of components and modules
  • Eliminate errors identified as a result of testing
  • Add documentation

:handshake:We ask you to be understanding, since programming is a very difficult task and it is not always possible to make a hard deadline

:point_up:We are guaranteed to make everyone a nice bonus for your waiting. To do this, I will open a separate topic in our forum so that everyone can understand :dizzy:


So instead of getting the beta on Jan 15 we will get the full version on February 10-12?

Thank you for the update

Yes, it will be a stable version without testing

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Okay, great.
This means that in a month we will be able to start working and provide service to our customers. :100:

I am waiting for an update regarding the module sales page, I want to make a purchase of some modules near the launch of the new version.
So if there are Sale prices and the option to get a discount if we purchase multiple modules at once I would like to know.

Thank you very much

I did not think modules would exist in the same manner that they did on the old version. Do we not create our own modules? And in the situation that involves 3rd party companies most of this stuff is integrated already.

We won’t have modules like in the old version, only components. But third-party developers can develop and sell their own components, widgets, etc.

I probably missed this info.
Will you also sell premium components or will we always get them in the new updates?

About a year ago you released a new “Booking” module, how will this work on the new platform? Is it included in it?

If we do everything for free, what will we eat for? :roll_eyes:

I also wrote that third-party developers can create and sell, or for example, you can order on a freelance basis and then sell in our marketplace.

As for the modules from the old platform, they are no more and will never be

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I asked this just to figure out exactly how it would work, I do not expect to get things for free.
I asked specifically about “Booking” because I want to know how to create an app like this on the new platform.

I ask only out of curiosity and a desire to know what solutions I can offer my clients.

Thank you

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1 month left until full version (non-trial).
Hopefully it will launch on time.
Thank you Nwicode team.

Guys, we got about 10 days left!!! Let the excitement build :slight_smile:

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On March 11-12, we will open access to the platform for all users. :man_technologist:

Access to explore and test the platform will be free and without restrictions on the time of development and implementation of new features.

Хорошие новости! Ждем :+1:t3:

Do we know when the full build will be ready?

There is no exact time for this, they say it is still necessary to wait patiently.

Che, I understand this but we were told January, then February, and now we have no idea. As I mentioned before I would rather be told June than nothing at all.

We announced the date, for those who do not understand something, you can contact me in a personal


Then someone asked if this is final date and you replied:


And since you have stated:


The last mention of a release date was still to explore and test and is still not an official date. I’m not trying to be rude but I’m just looking for official release date.

I did not say that you are rude, you are asking quite the right question. But no matter what else you show me our designated release dates, we can no longer plan them until we are sure.

You as a partner have access to the platform and you see everything that is being done there, updates will be made this week, it makes no sense to ask for a release date when the beta test has not yet been completed

I have access to the platform and I have used it in a testing scenario. I only ask because I imagine the dev team has a date in mind. It may be December 7th or August 23rd. I know you are still working on bugs and fixes and finishing up modules. I would just like a definitive date whether it be a year or 2 months. I just want to plan around something.