List of integrations

A list of integrations with third-party services is needed - from the most important to the least.
The list is necessary with a detailed explanation (which service, what opportunities it gives, how and for what it can be used with us). google maps, youtube, etc.

For example:

  1. Photo albums from Facebook. If a user creates a photo gallery with us, you can offer him to connect his Facebook and upload photos from there automatically. In addition, if Facebook is connected, then when choosing an image for any content, offer him a list of images from his fb (just open in the dialog and scroll through with uploading).

  2. Figma - integrate the figma in such a way that the user can insert images from his account in the figma into the content - give him a dialog to select an image.

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List of basic (mandatory) integrations

The API keys of the maps will be needed to work with several functions. For example: places, maps, online store, bulletin board, etc.
It is proposed to use Google Maps by default

Google API for Youtube
API key for enabling the Youtube video component

Google Analytics
(using Firebase )

In Zapier, each integration you perform is called a Zap. Each Zap consists of two parts - a trigger and an action.

I think there is no need to explain

center for professional and effective meeting planning

in-app advertising

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Mixpanel is a product analytics tool that enables you to capture data on how users interact with your digital product. Mixpanel then lets you analyze this product data with simple, interactive reports that let you query and visualize the data with just a few clicks.


Stop the drop

Mixpanel offers the most sophisticated, yet easy-to-use reports to find the root cause of user drop off and grow your business.


Get more

users to value

Deeply engaged users find more value in your product and retain better. Mixpanel takes engagement analysis to new dimensions so you can analyze depth, breadth, and frequency of product usage.


Retain to grow

Mixpanel helps you dive deeper into your retention analysis to understand who retains better, and why.


how users retain

Analyze the paths to customer loyalty
Identify cohorts

likely to churn

(What is Mixpanel? | Mixpanel Documentation)

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Clarifai is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based solution, which helps companies manage processes related to data organization, analytics and visual recognition using machine learning technology. The platform comes with customizable AI models, which help organizations detect explicit content, as well as predict various attributes, such as food, clothing, textures, colors and more on web pages.

Clarifai enables professionals to gain insights into customer engagement, trending content and competitor performance through visual data analysis.


it would be nice to implement it in nwicode 2
photo gallery: Chevereto (own image hosting) - with the possibility to add a photo gallery but also an individual photo :slight_smile:

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Woocommerce integration
I know there will be a Nwicode E-commerce solution but integration with woocommerce is important for a lot of customers with existing webshops (woocommerce as a free solution) that don’t want to have 2 “shops”


I agree on this as well. Seamless integration will surely be helpful. If we can have single login details for nWicode and Wordpress/Woocommerce this will be great! For example, once the app user created already an account in the app, automatically an account in Wordpress/Woocommerce must also be created, and vice-versa. Some have existing woocommerce stores already but it can still benefit from App only features, for example loyalty and wallet systems.

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Zoom/Agora Video Conferencing

Dear team, this feature is becoming important to a lot of people/companies… This is being used in meetings, classes, in selling, training and a lot of other use cases… having this in nWicode will be a great addition for sure.

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Мне кажется в осном используеться opencart, а не WooCommerce, по понятным причинам. Лучше с этой системой сделать интеграцию

Stripe integration?
PayPal integration?
Open Street Map integration?
XMPP integration?
Jitsi integration?
WordPress integration?
Twitter integration?
Facebook integration?
YouTube integration?
Dailymition integration?
Vimeo integration?
OpenWeatherMap integration?

it would be great to add Ukrainian and Russian payment systems

Or take a look for Bitrix24 as free alternative

Added to the roadmap


Thanks You. @Ruslan
Thank you for considering this integration.

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