Multilingual and translations

We have a completely new translation engine, faster, less resource-intensive. Initially, we separated the mobile part of the translations and the platform translations. The user will be able to download either a ready-made language package, or add a language independently through translation management (just click the “Add language” button and a new language will be created - it will only be necessary to translate phrases).

For automatic translation, we added an auto-translation button, we decided to use the free Weblate software.

Each specific application will additionally have its own translation editor for the mobile part. If the user wants - for a separate application, you can change the translation from the default to your own.


то что надо для русскоязычный потребителей.

Any languages of the world are available, the screenshot is just an example

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ок проверим потом потом какой нибудь из моих языков из индии ))))

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Absolutely! It’s very interesting to me too :slightly_smiling_face:

Русский и английский язык будет по умолчанию? Или нужно переводить?

Russian and English will be the default

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Automatic language translations using the Weblate service

How abt we do this

we can configure the weblate with available translation languages

whenever … the user add its language it can be pulled simply

and whenever there is a change on the meta data … it gets translated automatically

The translation process is divided into three parts

  1. Configuration

->This part will be done once… she sets up a platform for translation.

  1. Seeding

→ This part will update the web page Whenever changes are made to the metadata of phrases

  1. Receiving the Transfer

->This part is called whenever the user adds a new language

Automatically translate and extract translations for storage in the database

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this is what I was waiting for. saving time