New modules for builder

Hi all. Now there is some time to write some modules for the constructor. help with ideas, what do you need now? all modules will be public.
at the moment, the plans are SMS notifications


Ecommerce app (single business or marketplace) , integrated with loyalty program, reviews after purchase, tracking status (for physical products) or real time tracking (for local business- food or product delivery)

Service app (with service or class appointment feature, loyalty program, video call function)

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In app purchase too. Ppl need to pay to unlock certain page.

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Добрый день.
В идеале интеграция с мессенджерами (оповищение админа и пользователя)
Закрытие разделов (монетизация)
ГЕО привязка пользователей - что б пользователи видели других, кто есть в районе 100-200 метров.

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Messenger notifications are a good idea. I’ll take note, though at the moment there is nothing to notify)

paid access to pages is a good idea.

at the expense of the delivery module and restaurants and loyalty is difficult. I also want to do it, but at the moment there is not so much time. nevertheless, I hope the nwicode team will do it, if not, we will think

Timed triggers. Countdown timer when the timer ends it will trigger an event. Event can be notifications, timer reset, etc.

not sure if there will be a demand

For timed triggers?

They can be used for mulitple things, automate notfications after a certain amount of days or during a countdown for a release of a product. Wait list at a restaurant. Trigger a logout if certain times has passed. Trigger the end of a session if we use the modules to build quizzes or a test or a verification section.

How about webview module? it is quite important too

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Yes i love this idea.

also took over. Thanks