New Platform V2

I have a V1 platform lifetime license:

  • When V2 is released, will I get a free upgrade?
  • How to register for early trial of V2 platform?
  • Currently V1 source code cannot be downloaded from Nwicode’s Website. How does it about ?
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  • All customers with a valid V1 license will receive the update for free
  • Access is still closed to everyone, we are planning a release in December for the beta test
  • V1 source codes are no longer provided

Thanks Ruslan.
Congratulations on the good work and looking forward to the V2 beta coming out soon.

I do not own V1 but I am curious. When V1 owners upgrade their SaaS will their current apps be compatible or will they have to make a choice regarding these apps?

No, these are incompatible platforms and applications

When will the BETA V2 test source code be released and where can it be obtained?

We will make an official announcement

I had the lifetime license(appsumo) for the SAAS pro of 15 apps. When will I be able to use as builder v1 is not working anymore?