New version of Nwicode V2 (summary)

New version of Nwicode V2 - How it will work

Technology stack
We use a stack of technologies:

  • Angular
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Laravel 8
  • Ionic 6

The constructor consists of three parts:

  • frontend (on the Angular framework)
  • backend (on the Laravel framework)
  • mobile part (ionic 6)

Initial server requirements:

  • PHP 8
  • Debian 10

The necessary parameters will be available in our new documentation

By default, the system has 3 users with different roles:

  1. administrator
  2. client
  3. manager

Each user is shown their own dashboard.

Features for the administrator ( brief )


Protection against spam registrations

Setting up tariffs

  • Use different currencies
  • Use coupons
  • Affiliate program

Mailing List management

  • Send private messages
  • Trigger Emails

Opportunities for customers

The application design is created on canvas using components


Dashboard mode day/night



Internal Chat

Affiliate program, etc.

This is a brief description of the new version of the platform, for security reasons and trade secrets, while we cannot tell you about all the advantages of the new version :slightly_smiling_face:

We are waiting for your suggestions, take an active part. Access to beta testing is coming very soon!

The most active participants will get access first! :point_up:


Will there be some kind of Loyalty program for platform customers? Points that can be converted to money on wallet that they can also use to pay for services, additional modules, in part/full. Can be turned on or off.

Another thing, maybe it will also be nice for platform customers to have an access to a marketplace dedicated for them, within the editor. They can add to cart modules/services and once paid, will appear already in their list of modules that they can use.

We platform owners can choose/set up modules that we can sell or make available to each platform customer. This is what Lavazza is doing to their distributors all over the world. Some products are available only to European market, and some are only available to Asian market and vice-versa.

The marketplace products will have white label images and video explanations and actual module testing…

Yes, there will be an affiliate program

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The editor will provide for the sale of templates and components

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This is great! Thanks!

This is going to be very user-friendly. We can categorize different platform users to either Gold / Platinum / Diamond. Then make available templates /components /modules accordingly depending on the customer level. The higher the level, the more templates /components available for them. Then the other templates/components, they can add to cart and use.

Will the new platform be hosted in nWicode servers, just like with my SAAS? I prefer this so that only one support team needs to be contacted.

So for our clients, we can also charge them as per their usage? Set parameters, warning systems like for example if they have reached a certain threshhold based on their client level? Will there be a notification of sorts if subscription to services are about to expire? Can customers set automatic payments so that services will not be interupted?

Of course, you can continue to use our hosting. We optimize the configuration of servers for new requirements.

As for using Saas, everything will be automated.
I ask you to conduct further discussions for SAAS administrators in the category for partners :point_up:

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in the new version, will it be possible to create complex designs? :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you tried designing with Figma?

Everything will work on components.

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Да, там можно классные вещи создать, было бы здорово если будет интеграция какая-нибудь с фигмой.
У меня редакция SAAS

Yes, we have already reported this. We will make a special plugin. You can import the template directly from the Figma.

You can also develop templates in the editor and sell them to other users. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Да, круто, но интересно как все будет работать. Например экран авторизации - конструктор поймет что это поля для ввода?

И раз уж зашла речь, то было бы здорово авторизацию и регистрацию в отдельном экране. Заказчики часто хотят именно так

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You will customize your pages and actions yourself using the components

А когда будет этот модуль? И он будет в сборке или платный?

This opportunity will be as soon as we release a new version with a full set of components that will be on the canvas.

I can’t say yet if this will be a paid feature or not.

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Dashboard administrator


White label будет доступен?

White label - Yes…