Nwicode Version 1.0.7 (beta) 2022-04-25


  • Fixed color assignment error for “button” component
  • In the “start page”, you can now specify the navigation route for an authorized and non-authorized user
  • Completely redesigned “User Registration” component
  • Added “User Profile” component
  • Completely redesigned “User Login” component
  • Completely redesigned “User Reset password” component
  • Now only actions related to components on the current page, or system ones, are displayed in the action lists.
  • Actions related to the user have been added to the list of actions - authorization, registration, changing the profile and password, resetting the password and logging out. These actions (with the exception of logout) are available only if the corresponding components are present on the page
  • Changed icon design to display correctly in dark mode
  • Made changes to the dark theme
  • Removed the rating component (will be returned later, throws an error now)
  • FIX start page loading animation in device and WEB mode