Nwicode Version 1.1.5 (beta) 2022-06-21

Change log:

Release changes:

  1. Added generation of IOS sources with the necessary PODS libraries.
  2. The user can delete their applications.
  3. Bug fixed - databases were not copied when copying the application.
  4. Fixed a bug - when copying an application, all links in the components were reset.
  5. Bug fixed - when importing an application from a template, original links between components were not imported.
  6. Fixed “Radio” component
  7. The design of the application creation page has been changed, the ability to select a template for the application being created, or download it from the archive, or create an application from scratch has been added.
  8. Added template management to the admin panel - you can load, delete and disable them.
  9. An indicator of the amount of disk space occupied by applications has been added to the user page.
  10. Now, if the volume of user applications exceeds the one specified in the tariff plan, then it is impossible to create an application.
  11. Fixed a bug where it was possible to create applications even if the maximum number of applications specified in the tariff plan was exceeded.
  12. In the tariff plan, you can set limits on the number of pages in the application.
  13. The list of users now displays up-to-date information.
  14. Fixed blocking of restrictions on creating sources for platforms, taking into account the tariff plan
  15. Fixed many small bugs.