QR Code Scanner That Can Open In-App Links

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Sometimes, an app will have a lot of pages/features, folders, sub folders etc… One way to quickly open a feature and bypass folders/subfolders is via a QR Code Scanner that can open in-app links. We can also purposely hide some features/links and have those be opened only via the QR Code Scanner.

Current QR Code scanners can open business cards, telephone, email, and links - but those are internet links that will open a browser.

Are we going to have this kind of QR Code that can open hidden in-app links?



We tried to analyze your idea from the outside to make it easier to understand:

The module will be scalable to different types of clients and will allow you to offer unique hidden sections with some useful content or functionality. To implement the game function, the user is offered a choice of several QR codes, behind each of which is hidden a page, once on which a message will be displayed to the client that his request-function will now be executed.
For example:

  1. In the beauty salon, the user can turn on a certain song embedded in the QR code statically or provide for the selection of a certain song on the function page; The function is implemented through a message to the administrator.
  2. Evaluate the performance of the service by scanning one of several QR codes, each of which assigns a certain rating to the service (Yes, No or 1,2,3 or bad, good, excellent); The function will require refinement of the Ratings module, since it will be necessary to implement different rating mechanics in the Ratings module for the selected role in which employees will be selected and provide for an external endpoint from the application to the server for which this rating will be transmitted.
  3. Evaluate the performance of the service by leaving your opinion incognito through a certain QR code; You can do it through a regular message to the administrator, or create a table structure for the feedback and suggestions log, in which everything will be stored in a structured way.
  4. It is convenient to hide various offers behind a QR code, for example:
  • News of the day - a unique message about a successful combination of dishes or about a good exhibition that is held very close or a successful humorous video of the day; This will be a transition in the application to a simple hidden configurable page.
  • The best hotel rooms - a page with affordable and the best hotel rooms for today; the best places for photo shoots near the studio; Similarly, it is implemented through a simple page.
  • Behind the QR code, you can hide a unique service or a unique product that has not yet been provided and is only available by the selected QR code. It is relayed similarly on a simple page.
  • Behind the QR code, you can hide the transition to a certain section of the application in which the portfolio or gallery of photos of the master or chef or the materials and methods with which the master works are displayed. It is relayed similarly on a simple page.

Exactly! There are a lot of use case scenarios for a QR Code that can open an in-app link, be it hidden or shown on the menu. It is basically a shorcut to open a page/feature.

Another use case could be an Art Gallery App, where each hanged artwork has a QR code that visitors can scan. It can contain a page that has more info, background about the art. Maybe even a “timelapse” video when the artist is actually creating the artwork etc.

Maybe even for tourist apps… Instead of the usual folded paper maps, this can be a solution. Scan a QR code that will open a page for a tourist spot where location map is embedded, maybe some videos of places to visit, some quick interviews of people who have been there etc…

And a lot more…

Maybe useful also for a restaurant app (Dine-in). Users can scan a QR code to open an E-menu. Or if they have a promo or they want to highlight a particular seasonal product, they can print a poster/standee with a QR code that once scanned will go directly to the promo product that users can check and directly add to cart. Escaping a lot of clicks from home page, main app menu, restaurant module, main categories, sub categories, product pages, then the product… imagine how user friendly it can be. This is going to be a win for both app owner and users.

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With QR Code Scanner being requested would like to request a normal barcode scanner as well. Where it scans a barcode and enters the data into a database.