Release and new features

Since June 3, we are switching from Alpha to Beta.

New features will be released and the ability to create a database where you can manage news, create forms and any other actions in the application will be updated.

Until June 10, we will activate the possibility of subscribing to paid packages for working in the cloud.


thanks, what is mean by subscribing to paid packages?

is that mean by if we create app content like netflix, it will have like in app subscription feature where we can set lock content pages and customer need to purchase inside our (got payment gateway) to unlock that content pages?


Subscriptions for customers who create applications in our cloud.

The in-app purchase component will also be available soon, the admin part has already been created for it

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understand, when using SAAS, means i can also set for our clients using our system too right?

Yes, you can connect tariff plans

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thanks, by the way, when update v1.1.1 will release sir?

It remains for us to update the components for the new database, it will take another 2-3 days and we will release the release

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thanks sir,

nwicode the best, i can see the hard works of the team and great process here

tq again