Road map Nwicode

You can follow our workflow here

This is our roadmap, now we are noting some tasks that have been completed and are in the process of being completed


A new task in our roadmap

The conversational voice of AI. Integration with the Alan service

Voice assistants offer immense benefits and enhance any application’s user experience.


A new task in our roadmap


Mixpanel is a product analytics tool that enables you to capture data on how users interact with your digital product. Mixpanel then lets you analyze this product data with simple, interactive reports that let you query and visualize the data with just a few clicks.


Updating the roadmap

now we are only developing components, the list will be constantly updated :man_technologist:


Figma Integration will give us the option to import Figma templates?

you will be able to import the page design, the import will be done in svg format

example on figma: :point_down:

all this is imported to your page in the constructor, then you can replace texts or pictures, set actions, etc.


very interesting
Waiting to check it out

Now the platform installation is being debugged, then we will check the stable operation of updates, and then we will release the open source version of start - for developers. This will help anyone who wants to join the development and contribute

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Update in the roadmap

Our immediate plans :hammer_and_wrench:
We are preparing to switch to the commercial mode of the platform.

We are currently developing and improving some features:

  • Databases and collections
  • Forms
  • generating a file for IOS
  • generating an abb file for android
  • PWA generation
    This is planned in version 1.1.0