Server Requirements for installing Nwcode

:bell:Supported Nwcod installations will be based on Docker . You must have SSH access to a 64-bit Linux server with Docker support. We regret that we cannot support any other installation methods yet, including cpanel, plesk, webmin, etc.

Hardware Requirements (minimum)

  • Ubuntu 20.04 and PHP 8 operating system
  • modern single core CPU, dual core recommended
  • 4 GB RAM minimum (with swap)
  • 64 bit Linux compatible with Docker
  • 40 GB disk space minimum

:page_facing_up::soon: The full list and installation process will be available in our documentation


Very nice, I will be running 196 gg of ram with 10 tb of space and dual 16 core 64 bit processors. This is exciting:)

The Docker software will be required on the platform or just have a linux distribution that is compatible with docker?

we will give full instructions when everything is ready from our side

Is it possible to work with interworx panel?
Instead of vesta cp or plesk.

You can work without a panel at all

And if I still want a panel, to use the server for other purposes there is such an option? Or will it be in the future?
I saw that the page with the modules is no longer available, is there another link I can see them?

The platform will be installed on a clean server via docker, your server will be automatically configured with all the necessary libraries. We do not recommend using other platforms and CMS on the server

The marketplace with the modules will be made separately

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I got you
Iโ€™m waiting for the new release date.