Signing of .abb for upload to Play Store?

So currently I am trying to upload my .abb file to the Play Store, but I havent got it signed for upload. I havent find any possibility as to build it in the Android Studio and from there to sign and build it.
But i cant import the .abb in Andriod Studio successfull to generate the sign and build in Andriod Studio.

If you generate a file in the application designer, the signing happens automatically.

To work with Android Studio, you need an archive with the source code

I get this message when I try to upload it on the play console “The signature of your Android app bundle is invalid. Upload it again with a valid signature.”
What should I do?

when creating a file, you must necessarily sign it, have you done this?

Ruslan, I guess the new version will have an AAB generator, but what about the APK? APK is very useful for installing the application on a mobile phone and presenting it to the customer … This has an invaluable effect on the customers :slightly_smiling_face:

How can I do this? Dont find any field for this.

There is no APK file to be downloaded.
Its generating .abb or the source code without any apk file.

I was referring to a new (future) version of Nwicode. @knudsen, I guess you’re asking about the existing version of Nwicode. Looks like I set the post in the wrong place.

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