Slight delay when launching a new version

Hello friends!

When launching the platform, several serious errors occurred due to differences in OS distributions. We are working on these bugs.

The platform will be launched soon.

We apologize for the delay :frowning:

Thanks for this update! Any dimension for this: a few days, a week or two or more into months direction?

Do we have a timeframe? We missed out on the beta and the original launch date and now the revised launch date :frowning:

Are we still expecting it this month?

I came across this Trello Board Roadmap and it seems it is still expected to release this month:

Boxes version is pushed towards 15th of February. Not too far away.

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Can you give us a date when will it be launched as I see it has been postponed for 2 or 3 months after the initial launch announcement? So that i can plan my projects. Thanks

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@Ruslan is there any update on this?

while there is no news, our developers are doing bug fixes.

Any news regarding the SaaS release?

Looks like nothing will happen on February 15th as originally planned.

we knew that the team is doing hard works for the browser support fixes, hope everything will be fine for kick off.

by the way, team, any estimate new date at least so like me can schedule our planning too?



Добрый день!
Есть примерное понимание по релизу коробочной версии Studio, насколько все может затянуться ? Информация необходима для выстраивания коммуникации с текущими клиентами.