Suggestion to improve Nwicode V2 User Dashboard

Hello everyone, after go deep using nwicode v2 since launching, i feel this is a must improvement to include for better user experience on using it

my suggestion is:

  1. At Pages, to have 'Undo’ Button inside canvas, as sometime when we want to go back to previous things save, we can revert it back

  2. To have features called ‘All Pages’ at sidebar. When click that, it will listed all pages created in one page in row list and we can have option to delete or even edit (maybe redirect to canvas back and at that page state)

  3. At each pages in Canvas, for icon ‘move’, 'icon ‘setting’ and icon ‘bin’ to make it bigger as we can easily reach that as current is small and need to zoom in to use that

  4. At Pages, for above each pages created in canvas, have ability to duplicate too to make ease.

Hope Nwicode team can consider


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