What is Nwcoin?

Nwcoin is an open source, global payment network that is completely decentralized and has no control from any central authorities.

Nwcoin is a completely decentralized token. NWC prides itself on its transparency and the value that this transparency and earnestness represents in the (crypto) world.
This means having open communication: listening to and being responsive to the voices within the community. The team is fully Doxxed and this was done to offer another level of trust and transparency. We aim to make all of our community feel comfortable and safe with their investment.

Nwcoin It differs from other digital currencies by an amazing, dynamic No-Code community consisting of friendly people like you.
Nwcoin creates incentives for all key players of the blockchain ecosystem, ensuring the decentralized development of digital money in the No-Code developer community

Registration on the Nwcoin website is here

Who does run Nwcoin?
No-one, or everyone does equally, depending how you look at it. The developers are the Nwicode team, which has extensive experience in business software development and is focused on community opinion.
The developers can release new software, but the community have to choose to use that software. That community includes not just the end-users, but miners, exchanges, payment processors, etc. Typically the community does adopt new software we release because we have an established track record, but there’s no special access we have.

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